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Manage Engine, and IT management company and a sponsor of the eCrime Congress in Abu Dhabi, showcased upgrades to its IT Security Suite specifically aimed at IT organizations in the Middle East to help them comply with IT security policies and offer better services within defined budgets. IT security compliance – ITBUSINESSPLUS.COM

The latest version of the IT Security Suite features Firewall analyzer, Event Log Analyzer, Password Manager Pro, Device Expert and Security Manager Plus. Security Manager Plus scans networks and generates reports on vulnerabilities while also helping with solutions. It detects open ports, changed windows files and registry, patch management and vulnerabilities, protecting networks against threats, tunnelling and malicious attacks. Event Log Analyzer handles Security Information Event Management through improved Amazon Web Server instances windows web based real time logs and thus achieves improved network security.

Firewall Analyzer is software for network security devices helping to monitor end point security, employee internet use, bandwidth use, plan capacity, comply with audit requirements and change management. It supports all commercial and open source network firewalls, proxies, IPS, VPN and IDS. Enhancement includes zeroing in on security holes in Cisco devices, geo location maps and detection of security and traffic information. Device Expert change management solution enables web based configuration of switches, routers, network devices and firewalls.

Enhancements include forensic audit, recording, archiving and playing back of SSH & Telnet connections as well as monitoring of all end user actions. Password Manager Pro works as a secure storage and management tool for sensitive data such as passwords, digital identities and documents, with the latest modification allowing remote access management of data centres, cutting across network segmentation barriers without affecting protocols.

Overall, enhancements in IT Security Suite help achieve better network security with the least hassles and at the lowest cost.


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